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A clever game of visual connection.

We love OuiSi! OuiSi ("we-see") is an award-winning set of 210 visually-connecting photo tiles, with activities and games that ignite creativity and curiosity in all ages. Perfect for the family table, and a fun screen break that fosters connection with our planet.

Visual connections happen between tiles when different objects share similar patterns, shapes, colors and so on, much like "this reminds me of that" in photo form. OuiSi connections are cognitive exercises that develop critical and abstract thinking in young minds while keeping adult minds sharp and flexible.

The game materials – from the incredibly-durable and gorgeous box, to the extra-thick photo cards with a lush matte coating – are excellent quality. The photos on the tiles have clearly been carefully curated and are visually stimulating. There are nine games and activities in the included guidebook.

Recommend for ages 4+

1 - 8 players.