Dice Cube

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An EXCELLENT puzzle with many challenges.

There are 6 puzzles to solve using the 9 L-shaped pieces in the box:

Level 1 (easy) – make a cube, any cube.

Level 3 (moderate) – make a cube with just red dots showing on all 6 outer surfaces. Then, make a cube with just green dots.

Level 3+ (moderate +) – make a cube that looks just like a Dice cube (numbers 1 – 6 with opposite sides adding up to 7)

Level 4+ (tough) – make a Dice cube with just RED dots. Then make a Dice cube with just GREEN dots.

This is a great a little puzzle with something for everyone in it.

Measures about 2.75 inches square, and comes in it's own case. 

Difficulty: 1,3,4 out of 5.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.