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5 ancient puzzles in a wooden box.

Makes a classy puzzle gift! Here's what's in the box...

  • Chinese Tea: this puzzle is inspired by China’s Emperor Shennong who is credited with blending boiling water and tea leaves to create the famous hot beverage. Since then cultures around the world enjoy it today! This puzzle is a classic that stands true to the age of China itself.
  • Roman Keys: comes from the durable lock and key system that we use all the time. Can you unlock these two keys and crack the code?
  • Aztec Passion Flower: this piece is inspired by the passion flower that has been used as a powerful pain reliever! The game itself is based on that same intriguing flower.
  • Greek Water Mill: designed in reference to the water mill which changed the course of food production forever! This puzzle game contains simple mechanics that reflect the water mill’s design.
  • Egyptian Pi: this invention secured the early rise of mathematics used in engineering circle area for building the pyramids.

Each of these ancient contributions to civilization have brought great accomplishment to the world. Because of those accomplishments now you can try to solve these brain teasers among your family and friends to see who is the pure genius. So conquer these puzzles and become a true genius of time!

Each puzzle is approximately 1.5 inches all around.