Constantin Animals

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Can you make them fit?

Jean-Claude Constantin has created a series of tray packing puzzles with animal figures. Each tray is themed to the animals that pack back in the try flat. Mostly it defies logic that all of those animal shaped pieces can even fit in the tray. But you've seen them there when you unpackaged the puzzle so you know they do!

Choose from the three designs:

Wild Horses
The stable boy keeps leaving the door open and the horses have got out again. Can you round them up and get them all back inside?

Elephant Parade
They say an elephant never forgets, but the zookeeper obviously does. Can you help him remember how to get them all back in their enclosure together?

Monkey Madness
The cheeky monkeys have been out playing all day. Now, can you get them all back inside the monkey house at the same time?