Hockey Fanatics Puzzle

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A perfect SMART GIFT for the hockey player/fan in your life!

Insert the 15 pieces into the frame. Warning, it may be more difficult than a hat trick if you have never seen it solved!

Pieces are all precision cut and laser etched from 1/4” thick hardwoods for both beauty and durability. There are at least 4 different woods in each puzzle, a couple teeth from white acrylic and a puck from black acrylic. Pieces also include a Zamboni, Goalie making save, skates, gloves, pads, stick, mask, whistle, rink layout, and player.

The puzzle comes solved, and the object is to spill out all the pieces and try to get them to fit back in again. A lot harder than it looks.

Measures about 7 inches square and comes with cover.

Difficulty: 5 out of 5.