FOLD: Origami Brainteaser

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A generously-sized folding puzzle book!

You’d never guess folding ten brilliant patterns could bust your brain like this - or bring success so sweet!

Famed puzzle inventor Ivan Moscovich created FOLD brainteasers to help you bulk up your mental muscle and have fun in the process. These ten smart origami challenges will send your hands racing, folding, unfolding, twisting, turning, and flexing to find the solutions.

Fold and refold a colorful square to create twelve intricate patterns. Layer and weave strips to complete an amazing outer space picture. Fold strips one at a time to build a star in four different colors.

  • Ten fun origami brainteasers with solutions (Truthfully, more than ten… many puzzles have several variations to solve)
  • Build mathematical thinking, logic abilities, fine motor skills and patience
  • Includes 10 puzzle sheets, double-sided solution sheet, folder for holding it all
  • Heavy-duty laminated puzzles designed for repeated folding and multiple uses

Package measures 12.5 inches square.

Difficulty: Varied / Challenging.

Recommended for ages 8 to adult.